The new SEO for SaaS

The new SEO for SaaS

SEO had its heyday. 

The empires of Moz and Hubspot were built on it. The rise of digital marketing was dependent on it. 

But then it became saturated with competition. 

And yet, it’s still a go-to lever for SaaS companies seeking a traffic boost.

And sure – with time, resources and investment, you can boost traffic organically, with SEO efforts.

But is it the right traffic? A quick look into organic traffic conversion rates can answer that question…

“Very small, negative ROI.”

The reality of the negative return on effort with

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How to write welcome emails that engage your subscribers

Welcome emails are the first emails your subscribers receive after opting into your offer. They can leave a lasting impression and prime your subscribers for future communication when done right.

They say you only get one chance at a first impression.

If that saying’s anything to go by, you’ll want to make sure your welcome emails work hard to woo your subscribers.

What’s that, you say? You’re not sending welcome emails?


Well, we’re just going to have to fix that. And here’s why.

Welcome emails work

Welcome emails have some of the highest open

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What is a leading question? How to avoid bias in research.

A leading question contains an opinion or viewpoint that pushes the interviewee to respond in a particular way.

How you frame your interview and survey questions can change the answers you get.

And, ultimately, make the research reliable – or unreliable.

What does a leading question look like?

Leading questions are found in every industry – from journalism to copywriting.

In journalism, ethics come into play.

Asking leading questions can present the interviewee positively or negatively, depending on how the writer edits the quotes.

In messaging research, though, leading questions are mostly unintentional

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Humans behave like humans. Duh?

A 2020 study confirms an axiom. However, there is an interesting little twist for the word nerds in the room…

What We Read is a first-person feature series by the in-house conversion copywriters at Copyhackers. We read, we think, we write about it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Many humans are masters of persuasion (whether or not they know it).

Which is why I was rather unsurprised by the conclusion to a study I just read.

The 2020 study on leadership, credibility and persuasion, published in the International Review

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Email Segmentation 101: A beginner’s guide to sending better emails

Email segmentation is the practice of dividing your email subscribers into segments based on common traits and then sending tailored emails to those segments.

When you get segmentation right, the rewards are many. And this post will teach you the basics so you can start engaging your subscribers effectively.

What is email segmentation?

Email segmentation is more than just dividing your list between ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ subscribers and sending an email blast.

It’s also more than simply slapping a [FirstName] merge tag in the subject or the opening line to claim

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Messaging strategies: An advanced look at your brand’s message


Include decision-making types, content ideas and messaging formats in your buyer persona

Give your customers a reason to believe in your message through social proofs

Catch the attention of your ideal customers by sparking curiosity through a Big Idea

Answer the question “why should I buy from you?” by crafting a compelling brand story

Your messaging strategy

You’ve done the work and created the messaging strategy for your business (read that post first because this one will build on those ideas).

Voice of customer research? Check.

USP? Yep.

Brand values? Got ’em.

Tone of voice? Done.

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