10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing

Ever wonder why content marketing works so well for some businesses — and doesn’t seem to do anything at all for others?
Curious about why some content that seems great doesn’t do anything to build a business?
“Content is king” has been an online cliché for years now, but it’s not true. It’s never been true.
Content all by itself — even terrific content — is just content.
It may be entertaining. It may be educational. It may contain the secret to world peace and fresh, minty breath, all rolled into one.
But it has no magical powers. It won’t transform your business or get you where you need to go, until you add one thing …
Content marketing is a meaningless exercise without business goals.
What makes content marketing work?
To make content work, you need to understand your marketing and business goals. Then you can create content that serves those goals, instead of just giving your audience something to pass the time.
Your blog posts, email marketing, ebooks, podcasts, advertising … all of it needs to fit into a larger picture.
Now, if you blog purely for creative self-expression, go ahead and write as the spirit moves you.
But if you’re using content to market a business, you need a strategic framework so you can get the most out of your time and hard work.
Here are 10 of the business goals that drive our content marketing at Copyblogger Media.
You might focus on just one or two, or you may use all

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Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on November 28, 2012. We’re republishing it today to remind you how to protect your digital marketing efforts as social media sites continue to encourage you to publish original content on their platforms — platforms you don’t own.
We have a great bookstore in my town — the kind of place you picture in your mind when you think of a great independent bookshop.
It’s perfect for browsing, with lots of comfy chairs to relax in. The books are displayed enticingly. There’s a little coffee shop, so you can relax with an espresso. They get your favorite writers to come in for readings, so there’s always an event and a sense of excitement.
They do everything right, and they’ve always had plenty of customers.
But they still closed their doors last year.
No, not for the reasons you might think. It wasn’t Amazon that killed them, or the proliferation of free content on the web, or the crappy economy.
They closed the store because they were leasing their big, comfortable building … and when that lease ran out, their landlord tripled the rent.
Literally overnight, their business model quit working. Revenues simply wouldn’t exceed costs. A decision made by another party, one they had no control over, took a wonderful business and destroyed it.
And that’s precisely what you risk every day you make your business completely dependent on another company.
It might be Facebook. It might be eBay. It might

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Darren Rowse on the Intersection of Blogging and Digital Commerce

We know about the power of content marketing to build audiences, inform what products and services to develop, and ultimately connect the two together.
And whether you call it blogging or not, text remains a cornerstone of the online content mix.
Darren Rowse is one of Brian Clark’s favorite people. Darren has been an inspiration to Brian, they’ve been business partners, and the two remain good friends. At Digital Photography School, Darren’s built what amounts to a case study in digital commerce and community — and it brings in seven figures in revenue, as well.
Nothing happens overnight, even when it may seem that way. In today’s show, Darren and Brian discuss the long road and constant evolution that brought them both business success, powered by blogging and digital products and services.
In this 31-minute episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Darren Rowse and Brian discuss:

The state of blogging in 2015
The long-term power of evergreen content
Why Darren is getting into podcasting
How a hobby became a multimillion-dollar business
The evolution of a digital commerce community
How ebooks and online courses drive revenue
Smart market research for creating digital products

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Why Every Podcast Needs an Email List

The smartest showrunners know that their podcast is only the first step in building a deep, meaningful relationship with an audience.
The next step, one that should never be overlooked, is building an email list so your most engaged listeners can take the next step in connecting with you.
In this episode, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor provide an overview about email. There is a lot to cover.
After Jerod regales you with a funny story about the hiccup that happened to him during his Authority Rainmaker presentation, he and Jon dive deep into the following topics:

Why Jon thinks he is doing email wrong (and why Jerod disagrees with him)
The importance of being human in how you approach your email subscribers
The benefits of building a base of email subscribers as you grow your show
What is more valuable: an email subscriber or an iTunes review?
How email played a huge role in the initial launch of The Showrunner Podcasting Course
What you should do when people hit “Reply” on your mailings (if you really want to build an audience)
Why you should view your email schedule like your podcast schedule
The two roadblocks to email registration that you need to remove with your site design and copy

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