Dramatically Improve Your Site’s Speed, Stability, and SEO Without the Pain (or Cost) of Migrating

At this point, it’s common knowledge.
But it’s so essential to your online success that it bears repeating one more time.
You need a seriously fast website.
And you know why: The likelihood of losing a visitor due to impatience or frustration increases with each extra millisecond of load time, and fewer happier visitors means fewer leads and fewer sales.
The math is simple. The stakes are high.
And this week only, we’re removing the biggest pain point of switching hosting providers: we’re giving you a free migration.
(You can jump right to the details here.)
Here’s something else that’s simple: It only takes a few smart, informed decisions to dramatically increase your site’s performance. (Take this example, which resulted in a 72.7 percent increase in page load speed.)
But speed isn’t everything when it comes to your website …
Stability and security are also essential
You need a website that is up all the time — and that will alert you in the rare cases it’s not.
You also need a website that is protected from the kind of hacks and injections that can bring online business owners to their knees.
Remember how powerless you felt the last time your website was down without explanation or breached without protection? It happens, and it’s awful when it does.
And lest you think “Oh, that won’t happen to me” regarding your site being hacked or infected with malware, know that, according to the Guardian, as recently as two years ago 60 percent of small businesses in Britain

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