Here’s How Master Brand Storyteller Bernadette Jiwa Writes

Not many people can claim they single-handedly created the new marketing model for the 21st century. And did it simply with a five-column graph called The Difference Map.
Well, Bernadette Jiwa can.
Which is one reason why we are so excited that she will be a featured speaker at Authority Rainmaker.
But her list of achievements doesn’t stop there. She has created brands and unique innovation strategies. The products and ideas she has touched range from football boots to a medical journal, businesses to blogs, books to Kickstarter projects, non-profits, and more.
And she does it with stories.
Mrs. Jiwa grew up in Dublin, Ireland, the capital of storytelling, and carried that gift with her from a grocery warehouse inventory counter all the way to her current life as a branding consultant living in secluded Perth, Australia, where she has managed to write — not one, but four — Amazon bestsellers in the categories of marketing and branding.
In 2012, she was named one of the top 100 branding experts to follow on Twitter. She has also shared her secrets on spreading ideas at TEDxPerth.
Seth Godin calls her “the master of making organizational change around marketing.” And she makes it a matter of principle to help professionals and businesses tap into the essence of their ideas, uncover their unique abilities, and tell the story of how that translates into value for people in a marketplace.
She’s an amazing writer who said the best business lesson she has learned in more than

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