3 Smart Moves that Supercharge Sales Funnels with Content

The problem with many business blogs is that they’re boring, product-centric, and full of corporate jargon — not exactly the juicy, engaging, personality-filled content that readers love to consume and share.
While you want to establish trust and authority with your audience, content that helps you meet business goals also fills your sales funnel with interested prospects.
So, if you’d like your content to be share-worthy and generate leads, this post is for you. Read on for three ways to supercharge your sales funnel.
1. Eliminate fuzzy funnels
If your current sales funnel is vague and amounts to something like, “I’ll get people onto my email list, and then when my bank account gets low, I’ll make an offer,” don’t worry; you’re not alone! But as a Copyblogger reader, I know you can do better.
At its most basic, your sales funnel is an intentional path that turns a website visitor into a paying customer — and then into a happy, repeat customer.
Your sales funnel might be an email autoresponder that utilizes marketing automation. It helps your audience get to know your business, builds credibility, and makes an introductory offer.
Here’s my main point: if you create content to generate new leads, you first have to establish what your sales funnel looks like.
Action step
Draw out your sales funnel, digitally or with good old pen and paper.  

What are the steps that turn a website visitor into a paying customer?
How do they hear from you?
What offers do they receive

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